Are you sure!

One whom you know, like and trust, One who supports.The definition of a friend, girlfriend and or sister-friend.

Watching those popular sitcom television shows make it seem so easy. Yes those character on the show have their issues, however at the end of the show, you’re left with the thought that a friend is a valuable part of ones life. Can this be true? We attend school to achieve education, reading, writing and arithmetic. If a class for friendship was a requirement to graduate high school, or a prerequisite to obtain a degree in college, how many would pass? If a law was passed tomorrow,  you had twenty-four hours to turn in all the people you know who are friend impostors, or you will be guilty by association.Would you take closer look at your friendships?

Should there be a trail period, how long should this probation period last, six month to a year? Should there be a retesting to keep your friendship card?  Should there be a Certification and or licensing before you can call yourself a friend?