The Game Show of Life!!!

Let’s make a Deal or No Deal

Which curtain will you choose?

Curtain #1 Family with struggles, laughter, good times  and heartbreak


Curtin #2 being best friend with your child/ren and living a life far from what you could have dreamed.

Curtain #1

You have your family, child/ren husband or boyfriend, Job or career. You will experience preclampsia, Intrusive in-laws, your child or one of your children will have a serous health issue. during your child/ren being small you have to choose your job or staying in the hospital with your child that has been admitted into the hospital, you will also experience your spouse or boyfriend cheating, become homeless due to lack of income. Your children graduating from high school, working and going to college. Pushing through everything you feel it was all worth it because you still have you family, However until your child reaches the age of what he or she thinks is adulthood, turn around and tell you “I don’t need  you”,” I didn’t ask you to do all you did, you chose to do all of it yourself”.

Curtain #2

You will meet what you think is the man of your dreams, six months to a year into the relationship you realize things are not going the way you dreamt. You have a child/ren from him to make the relationship better, however the relationship comes to the end. you drop the child/ren off at your mothers, girlfriend or anyone that is available, you need time for yourself. You will always keep your child dressed well in the latest name brand clothes so no one will take notice of the lack of time you spend with your child/ren. You will always keep a Job to take care of your bills, such nails, hair and designer clothes, always ready for your next six month or less relationship. when your child/ren read the age of adulthood you will party, drink and smoke weed with your child/ren. Life seen great to other looking from the outside however the little voice inside of you tell you this life isn’t what you wanted.

If you were given a choice by the banker of life, you are asked to choose a curtain to make the deal or would you say no Deal.

Are you sure!

One whom you know, like and trust, One who supports.The definition of a friend, girlfriend and or sister-friend.

Watching those popular sitcom television shows make it seem so easy. Yes those character on the show have their issues, however at the end of the show, you’re left with the thought that a friend is a valuable part of ones life. Can this be true? We attend school to achieve education, reading, writing and arithmetic. If a class for friendship was a requirement to graduate high school, or a prerequisite to obtain a degree in college, how many would pass? If a law was passed tomorrow,  you had twenty-four hours to turn in all the people you know who are friend impostors, or you will be guilty by association.Would you take closer look at your friendships?

Should there be a trail period, how long should this probation period last, six month to a year? Should there be a retesting to keep your friendship card?  Should there be a Certification and or licensing before you can call yourself a friend?

Where did you find that Hat?

Being a mother is very complexed! I talked to mothers from all spectrum of ethnic backgrounds, they all have their own flavor when it comes to parenting. Which one is the correct method of parenting? Does such method exist? I believe if your child gets to the age of 18, can read, form a complete sentence, can count his / her money correctly and experience little to no broken bones,  then you’re doing a great job. However if you’re the type of parent that does not give your child a fair chance in life by building them with all the tool they will need to fight in this life then you have not done your job as a parent.

Going through the motions!!!

Hi I was just thinking how mothers must paint on a smile, even though we are not feeling motherhood at the moment. Why is it taboo for a mother to say I don’t like being a mom today, or why are moms made to feel guilty because she wants to take time for herself to go to the bathroom alone and leave the screaming kid outside the bathroom without feeling bad about it. Does taking 10 min to drink camomile tea and let the kids stay in their pajamas all day reason to lose your mother of the year crown.